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KidsNatural Communication, Inc. (NCI) -- a nonprofit organization in Northeast Ohio -- is defined by its purpose: to benefit children who are deaf or hard of hearing through support, information, and encouragement to their parents and families. On a regular basis, NCI members -- the parents and families of children with hearing loss -- meet to share information and experiences. NCI endorses teaching and learning philosophies for children who are deaf or hard of hearing that maximize their potential to develop amplified hearing and spoken language. While this is NCI's official definition, we do so much more for the families who choose to become members.

Most children who are hearing impaired have the ability to develop speech and language to communicate in a "natural" manner. The auditory-verbal approach for developing speech and language is endorsed by NCI as the first option for teaching children who are hearing impaired to communicate through speech and language.



Upcoming Events

We will have a summer event! Stay tuned for more details!




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