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Chris was diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss at 8 months old and started Auditory-Verbal therapy at that time. Chris enjoys soccer, camping, and baseball. He was implanted with a Nucleus 24 last year.

Below is an essay Chris wrote for class.


Cochlear Implant by Chris P.

    It all started when my parents wanted me to get a Cochlear Implant. I complained a lot because I was scared to have the surgery on my head. When we got to Warren, Ohio I was even scared a lot more. The nurse made me put on ship pajamas. After I got my pajamas on I sat on the stretcher looking very worried. When the doctor said it was my turn I was scared. The nurses took me in the operating room. And Doctor Rizer, my doctor gave me some pills to  make me go to sleep very fast then a nurse gave me a bear before making me go to sleep.

    I did not feel a thing in my head. And my dad came in the operating room and my mom couldn't because she had a cold so she waited out of the room. After they were done I was dizzy. The nurses took me back in to the room. They put me on another stretcher. After the surgery was over I was very brave.

    I watched some T.V. then I when I was done a little boy came in and he had a bad sore throat. His mom came and asked my   mom to see what happened to me. Later a man came in the room when I had my clothes on ready to go with a handicapped chair then the doctoe came and and said good bye I said good bye. chrispaud.gif (190234 bytes)

    The day after surgery, I went to a Halloween party as an injured ninja since I still had the headband bandage on. After the headband bandage was off a little while I heard raindrops. I was standing in the garage and I heard rain falling and hitting the ground. I sent a letter to Dr. Rizer about the rain falling. Rain is very quiet and sounds like ta ta ta. I also hear birds chirping. I like my cochlear Implant. I like my Cochlear Implant because I can hear better than with those old Hearing Aids. I still wear a hearing aid on my other ear.

    Maggie Hamilton is my hearing tester when I go to Warren, OH about once a month. I got the Implant because other boys and girls had it like Alex. My soccer team mailed me a card to make me feel  better and they mailed me a medal. I'm never allowed to wear the implant in the pool because it can't get wet. I can't wear it to bed because it will break if my mom doesn't put it away in a dry dock to take the water out of it. There is a magnet inside and on the outside of my head that is how it stays on my head. When I play soccer I wear a headband so it stays on tight. The end.

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