Plain Dealer, The (Cleveland, OH)
June 29, 1995


Children who are hearing-impaired can still learn to listen and speak at their age level through the auditory-verbal approach, its advocates say. Interested parents and professionals can learn about the latest perspectives on this method at the Auditory-Verbal International Conference, tomorrow through Monday at Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls.

"Most people who are referred to as deaf do have some residual hearing that they are unable to access," said Mary Lucchesi of Natural Communications Inc., a support group for families with children who are hearing-impaired. By using intensive daily therapy sessions and high-tech hearing aids, the auditory-verbal approach teaches young children to interpret the vague sounds they can hear, said Lucchesi.

The conference will draw more than 300 audiologists, speech and language pathologists and parents from around the world to present and attend workshops on the auditory-verbal approach and issues of communication and education. Daphne Gray, mother of 1995 Miss America Heather Whitestone, helped her daughter through the auditory-verbal approach and will be a featured speaker.

For more information about Natural Communications Inc., or about attending the conference, call 808-0005 or write to Natural Communications Inc., P.O. Box 36412, Canton, Ohio 44735.

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