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Stacey was born with a bilateral profound hearing loss. When Stacey was six weeks old, her parents suspected that she had a hearing loss; however, her hearing loss was not confirmed until she was eight months of age. She  received her first hearing aids at ten months of age.  She has been fully mainstreamed since preschool. While in elementary and secondary school, Stacey took her own notes. German, Art, and English were Stacey's favorite subjects in high school.

When she was in 9th grade, Stacey ranked 12th in English among ninth graders in Northeast Ohio. She received several academic awards including a Stolion Award in eighth grade which was awarded by the local Lion's Club to two students out of 400 students in eighth grade;  Rotary Scholar Awards which are awarded to students who maintain a cumulative 3.75 GPA or above. 

Some of Stacey's extracurricular activities in high school included being in school plays, being on the yearbook and literary magazine staff, being a student council member and the president of the German club. staceyaud.gif (32726 bytes)

In the summer of 1997, Stacey received a Clarion S-Series cochlear implant at the age of 18. Currently, Stacey attends The College of Wooster, where she is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with the goal of becoming an audiologist and possibly an Auditory-Verbal therapist. Stacey is also involved in many activities including her college yearbook, Circle K, National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association, and she is also a volunteer coordinator for a mentoring program at her school. Stacey is a  co-webmaster for the school newspaper, The Wooster Voice.   In her spare time, Stacey enjoys reading, playing the piano and guitar, and listening to music.


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