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Natural Communication, Inc.
P.O.Box 36412  
Canton, OH  44708



 Natural Communication, Inc. provides:


  • 6-8 business meetings per year featuring programs of interest, speakers, or group discussions.
  • 3-4 social gatherings per year for the entire family to give the children and their siblings a chance to mingle and make friends.
  • A lending library of books and games for home therapy.
  • An equipment (personal FM and hearing aids) loaner program available to new families.
  • Intervention meeting for new families which allows them to meet NCI members and children.
  • Mom's Coffee.
  • Outreach by active members of the group to new familes for one-on-one support and encouragement.
  • Our latest project us the "Backpack Project": the newest way to offer home therapy materials to our families with young children.


  • Speak to local children's hospital about the Auditory-Verbal Philosophy.
  • Distribute Natural Communication, Inc. brochures to area hospitals, pediatricians, audiologists, and universities.
  • Donate I Can Hear and I Can Hear II videotapes and our book, We CAN Hear and Speak: The Power of Auditory-Verbal Communication for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to Parent Coalition for Children With Disabilities.
  • Natural Communication, Inc. is  a member of the Community Television Consortium of Stark County for whom we gave half-hour programs about Auditory-Verbal therapy and our group.
  • With help for the Community Television Consortium, we were able to produce the videotapes, I Can Hear and I Can Hear II.
  • We received a grant from the Junior League to help distribute our videotapes in the Canton area.
  • Various Natural Communication, Inc. members are involved with their local Special Education Regional Resource Centers (SERRC).
  • Several members have been featured in print and on television, exposing the public to the successes of Auditory-Verbal, the cochlear implant, and mainstreaming.
  • Parent panels speak to college students at the University of Akron, The College of Wooster, and Kent State University.
  • Received a $3000 grant from Dextra Baldwin McGonagie Foundation, Inc. to distribute our book to NE Ohio agencies and professionals.
  • Recieved a $5000 donation from Lou and June to help fund NCI 2000 projects.


  • Members have spoken on parent panels at the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf conventions.
  • Our videotapes are available for purchase through the Alexander Graham Bell Association publications catalog.
  • Received a $2000 grant from the Geoffrey Foundation of Kennebunkeport, Maine to caption our videotapes.
  • Hosted and coordinated the 1995 Auditory-Verbal International National Conference.
  • Hosting the 1998 Daniel Ling, Ph.D. Conference for Auditory-Verbal International.
  • Constructing a Natural Communication, Inc. web site.
  • Members have spoken at an auditory-verbal workshop in Manila, Philippines.

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